Running your company leaves little time for making travel arrangements for your events. That’s why Ground Pro Logistics gets down to business to provide you with the best ground transportation service.

Over a decade of experience in ground transportation has shown us that companies want and need a service that will be proactive in determining their travel needs. This means offering them tools and amenities that will go above and beyond their expectations, and providing them with professionals that will deliver the right results. That’s exactly what we give every company we provide with a charter. Here’s how we will make your next corporate charter completely stress-free:

On Your Time, All The Time

Anytime you plan a corporate charter through us, we recognize that we are on your time. That means we have zero-tolerance when it comes to making sure our drivers are on-time, regardless of weather or traffic conditions. Your time is just as precious to us as it is to you.

Single Point Of Contact For All Business Matters

This means you only deal with us from beginning to end, including for billing matters. Our job is to make yours as easy as possible.

Round The Clock Service

Problems don’t sleep and neither do we. Whenever you need us, we are here.