Top notch athletes deserve top notch travel. Providing ground transportation for athletes is no longer just about getting to and from your destination. At Ground Pro Logistics, we understand the need for reliable and comfortable travel accommodations for professional and collegiate sports teams. That’s why we thoroughly assess the specific needs of your team to come up with the perfect game plan for your charter.

Our Winning Play

Your Travel Playmaker

When it comes to the setting up and managing your charter, we do all the legwork. That means no unnecessary phone calls to different providers to find the best fit. We set up the play, you reap the benefits.

Safe And Comfortable Charters

Our fleet is second to none when it comes to safety. All of our vendors are required to meet the Department of Transportation standards, as well as comply with our own standards of excellence. Even more, comfort is never sacrificed. You can rest assured that we will make available every amenity needed to help your players stay connected, rested, and comfortable during their journey.

Undefeatable Reliability

Never worry about making it to your destination on time or missing an event when using Ground Pro Logistics.  As part of our vendor selection, we make sure that all of our providers have the highest on time percentage rankings in the industry. Prior to your travel, we are in constant communication with the drivers to ensure your charter goes as smoothly as possible.

Gold Level Customer Service

Every team knows that their fans are the force that drives them. Ground Pro Logistics considers every one of our clients to be our biggest fans. That’s why we work diligently to provide you with VIP service every time you use our service. As one of our fans, be assured that your satisfaction comes first. No exceptions.

We are proud to be the official transportation provider for: